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PHOTOGRAPHY, DIGITAL IMAGING, PRODUCTION — customized creative solutions on a limited budget (Association of Boxed Chocolate Manufacturers)
SWEEPSTAKES DATABASE DESIGN — designing and programming of a data collection user interface and supporting database (Moms Matter)

Suazion provides the following pre- and post-creative services:

database design and development;

digital imaging (e.g., color corrections, retouching, compositing);




metering and mailing;


pre-press production (e.g., color separations, film output);

print production;

programming (dynamic web design); and

project and vendor management.

Suazion's auxiliary services directly relate to the firm's core creative communications offerings, maximizing your ability to centralize all project-related components. These execution-related services bring the creative concept of a given project to fruition in its final, physical or digital form. Such services include:
  • Illustration and photography — producing commissioned artwork for clients who desire to differentiate their product or publication from those that use the commonly available stock photography and illustration;
  • Digital imaging — retouching, color-correcting, and combining photographic or illustrative materials from various sources;
  • Print production, pre-press, and fulfillment — all services involved in preparing printed materials, including final fulfillment services such as metering and mailing;
  • Back-end programming — services needed on web and interactive projects; for example, database development for a list-based website or online mailing list management; and
  • Project management — overseeing all stages of a project's development, including managing third-party vendors on the client's behalf.

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If you can't manage every facet of the work yourself, you want someone reliable to do it for you. Suazion's service is priceless; you can walk away, and it will all get done.

May Seckular, Marketing Manager
Sprint PCS


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