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INDONESIA, MALDIVES, SRI LANKA & THAILAND CAPACITIES EVALUATION — comprehensive editing of a four-country tsunami response evaluation (Tsunami Evaluation Coalition)
SURVIVORS OF THE TSUNAMI: ONE YEAR LATER — brochure copyediting and graphic design (United Nations Development Programme)
DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE THEMATIC TRUST FUND — editing of advocacy and fundraising literature (United Nations Development Programme)
PONIT OF PURCHASE POSTER ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN — concept, copy development, and design of two series of posters (Sprint PCS)

With senior managers trained in earth and environmental systems, economics, and law, Suazion's editorial team is well-versed in key policy areas, including:

crises prevention, mitigation and recovery;

energy and environment (nuclear, earth systems, sustainability, and legislative compliance);

gender equality;



Millennium Development Goals;

poverty alleviation and socioeconomic justice; and


Suazion offers its clients an unparalleled scope and diversity of editorial experience for companies ranging from international organizations devoted to public policy (e.g., the United Nations) to minority and family-owned businesses and the Fortune 500 (e.g., Sprint PCS and Bertolli USA). The company's editorial capabilities fall primarily within three categories:
  • Content development and copywriting;
  • Editing; and
  • Proofreading.

Content development and copywriting are services provided to clients who wish to develop a project's editorial content and copy externally. Suazion can work within an established strategy, style, and focus — or devise such parameters as necessary. Copywriting, whether editorial, advocacy-oriented, or promotional in nature, flows from this framework.

Editing services are provided to clients whose documents have been internally approved for content but require additional work in the areas of grammar, style, clarity, and organization. Suazion's editing service ensures a coherent overall document structure, eliminates poor phrasing, and overcomes logical inconsistencies, while preserving the document's original tone, expression, and level of formality.

Proofreading is a service available to clients whose writing projects have been internally copyedited and approved for content and organization. Suazion's proofreading service is the last stage in making copy ready for final presentation and is focused on correcting errors in the areas of spelling, grammar, syntax, and references; addressing formatting problems (in-text references to figures, heading styles, etc.); and other inconsistencies.

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Thank you for a fantastic job.
We are all very much impressed
by the speed and quality of work.

Quazi Shaukat Fareed, Director
United Nations Chief Executives Board for Coordination


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