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The communications program for Atwood Richards Inc., an international multilateral trading and barter company, included the full array of strategic services — from market research to program management and results analysis, Continue...


Examples of Suazion's strategic communications services include:

advocacy strategy development;

target audience analysis;

advertising and branding strategy development (non-profit and corporate or product);

communications budgeting (project, departmental, and corporate/organizational);

communication program development (project, brand and corporate and/or organizational);

communications effectiveness evaluations;

marketing and/or communications plan development;

media analysis, planning, and buying;

project and vendor management; and

research (market and topical).

Strategic communications services span all pre- and post-creative business-related services such as planning, budgeting, and research, as well as the ongoing management of communications programs and projects. Specifically, such services include:
  • Marketing and/or communications planning;
  • Campaign, brand, or project strategy development;
  • Market or topical research and analysis; and
  • Communications management and evaluation.

Marketing and/or communications planning is a service provided on a business-, department-, or project-wide scale, yielding a plan of concrete initiatives, as well as their budgeting and scheduling components. Marketing or communications planning can include: Delineating promotion or advocacy-related goals; analyzing the target audience from qualitative, quantitative, and segmentation viewpoints; developing strategies and determining mediums best suited to achieving the goals; translating strategies to specific projects or initiatives; benchmarking desired outcomes; and putting all goals, strategies, and projects in the context of needed staffing and financial resources. Suazion's experience in this area includes multiple start-ups, mid-size international businesses, and departments and programs within larger advocacy organizations.

Campaign, brand, or project strategy development is a service that is essentially the same as marketing planning described above, with the exception of its micro-focus on a single product or service brand, communications campaign, or stand-alone project. An example of such a project from Suazion's portfolio is in the area of media: In conjunction with providing creative services on a client's advertising campaign, the firm also evaluated the media outlets most appropriate to deliver it to the target audience, budgeted and scheduled individual campaign placements, and negotiated and purchased media space on the client's behalf.

Market or topical research and analysis is an information gathering and organization service — ranging from locating and analyzing previously published material on a given subject to providing a client with the demographic and psychographic characteristics of its target audience.

Communications management and evaluation is a service that ensures the proper execution of a given project or program. A large component of this service is project oversight, from ensuring that all team members meet their budgeting and scheduling benchmarks to liaising with vendors and in-house project managers in order to maintain strategic, verbal, and visual cohesion among project components. The program's or project's effectiveness is evaluated after its launch and execution of all stated objectives.

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Suazion has been doing a terrific job with us on producing top-notch publications for the Brussels Conference [on the role of parliaments in crises and post-conflict situations] and other future outreach opportunities.

Thomas Huyghebaert, Programme Manager
Global Programme for Parliamentary Strengthening
UNDP Liason Office in Brussels

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